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Meaning & Motion Centre is an industrial space with a contemporary look where business owners can provide their services without the extreme overhead of leasing a dedicated business location. Our meeting rooms will get you down to business with a contemporary vibe rather than a stuffy board room or local coffee shop. We provide half-day, full-day, weekly, evening and weekend rental times.


Meaning & Motion Centre in Woodbridge is ideal for businesses requiring meeting or conference room space. Ideal also for those who require an offsite location to conduct interviews, meet with new clients, or require private workspace on demand. The ideal space set up for Corporate training. The perfect option from sales people on the go to team meetings.

Professional Entrepreneur

Meaning & Motion Centre offers a professional looking space for their practice. Whether it is counselling, coaching, massage therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Tai chi etc.


A great location to host networking events, whether in business, real estate, health, wellness, spirituality, or book clubs etc. A great location and creative space for learning, for workshops, conferences and company presentations, investor meetings, community events.